The (WBC) Process Consist Of Five Key Components:

  • Remove During whole body cryotherapy (WBC) treatment, the blood within the extremities such as the hands and feet leave and culminate in the core in order to keep the vital organs warm. This is beneficial for the blood from the extremities as it is now closer to the heart and readily available to begin the filtration process to remove unwanted toxins.

  • Replenish When the body is exposed to such extreme low temperatures, the capillaries within the body constrict drastically.Once the treatment is complete and the body is again exposed to heat, the capillaries expand exponentially and allows for blood flow access back to the extremities to increase and boost the healing and recovery process due to an increase in oxygen and nutrients within the bloodstream

  • Rejuvenate The WBC treatment will lead to an emphatic analgesic effect and allow the body to feel instant relief  from pain and inflammation.  In addition, once the blood returns from the core carrying nutrient rich enzymes and reaches the skin, collagen is increased and improves the skin as well as the muscles.

  • Release During the WBC treatment there will be a substantial increase and release in naturally produced endorphins. This release of endorphins from the brain and nervous system will provide an immediate analgesic effect.The Release portion of the treatment has a direct correlation with the Rejuvenation aspect of the process.

  • Recover Finally, upon completion of the treatment after physical and psychological changes have taken place, the body is allowed to heal and recover from injury, inflammation and pain.  This treatment allows for unprecedented recovery from post-workouts and performance for athletes, as well as increasing range of motion and recovery from post-surgery.


Responsive Flip Pricing Table

    • Single Session

      $ 40
      • Four Sessions

        $ 150
        • Eight Sessions

          $ 280